Back Pack for Homeless (February 25, 2017)

Sheila and some of her family and friends volunteered with One Kind Act a Month.  It is a non-profit organization that helps raise awareness of homelessness and inspire people to be helpful in their communities by making positive changes in the community by offering food , clothes, jobs, and housing to the needy.  Their hope is that you can see what their organization is doing and become inspired to do something yourself; if everyone did just one good deed a month the world would be a better place.   This is a great organization and was such a rewarding experience.  The turnout was a great success.  Myself, family and friends along with about 200 volunteers all met at 9th and Market Streets and proceeded to walk up Market Street towards Love Park and handed out brown bagged lunches and water (which everyone brought with them in their backpack).  Others handed out blankets and every day essentials.  We also made our way through the subway station and suburban station at 18th and JFK.  After we had given everything we could to anyone who wanted something, we made the return trip to 9th and Market Streets where the organization collected everything leftover in their cars to deliver to a local shelter.  This event is held the last Saturday of every month.  You can check them out at

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