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  • Michigan Urban Farming Initiative – WSU Law

    I volunteered with some of my new classmates at Wayne State Law School to help the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. We helped them reorganize equipment, clear land for crops, and pull weeds.

  • Career and College Ready with MEP

    This summer, I joined Mercy Education Project on numerous summer field trips as a part of their Emerging Leaders program. Middle school girls within Southwest Detroit are able to join MEP’s Emerging Leaders summer camp to develop personal visions, learn about college, gain exposure to careers, and participate in team building activities. One Friday, campers visited Oakland University. When asked what words came to mind when they heard the word college, one 6th grader quickly responded “Success!” MEP Emerging Leader’s camp is a part of their larger after school and summer enrichment girls programming with a focus on reading, math, and ACT/SAT prep. They continue to expand on their Career and College Ready programming with a newly formed committee (that a friend and I are luckily enough to sit on).

    Additionally, MEP provides Adult Education and Workforce Development to over 150 women annually. Their mission is to provide educational opportunities, life skills development and cultural enrichment for women and girls, who have limited access to resources, to enable them to improve the quality of their lives. They primarily serve those living in Southwest Detroit and are located in Corktown.

  • 2016 Ice Show Set Up

    On Saturday, my husband and I volunteered for the set up of the 2016 Skate Company Skating Club annual ice show. Our daughter is now an alumni with the show since she graduated from high school last year. But, our experience was needed because we have assisted with the set up and tear down of the last 15 ice shows. Each piece of the proscenium had to be loaded into the scissor lift by my husband and I along with another husband and wife team. It was a lot of work, the pieces are definitely heavy and bulky, but it looks great when completed.

  • Delivering Groceries in Detroit

    On June 11th, my husband and I, as well as a team of volunteers from St. Aloysius Church, delivered bags of groceries to elderly individuals in the downtown Detroit area.

  • Clark Hill Cares Day

    *2016 Clark Hill Cares Day at Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit*

  • Clark Hill Cares day at Gleaners

  • Hanging with my Detroit crew at Gleaners during Clark Hill Cares

  • Urban Initiatives – Racing with the kids

  • Grapefruit Overload

    Repackaged over 6,400 pounds of grapefruit with a great group of people at Gleaners on June 18, 2016!  I think I have seen one too many grapefruits!!!!!

  • Gleaners with Clark Hill

    We all had so much fun packing fruit.