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  • Math Tutor

    This is a picture of me in my new position as a 10th Grade Math Tutor at Holy Family Academy, a new Catholic High School near Pittsburgh.  I do this twice a week.  This particular class was outside so that the students could apply what they have learned about angles and other items to things in the real world.

    Western Pennsylvania Girl Scouts Cookie Dad

  • Finleyville Food Pantry

    This past Saturday, October 17th, was another food distribution to those who are in need.  I very much enjoy volunteering my time to help out at the Finleyville Food Pantry!

  • Easter Seals Walk With Me 2015 – May 17, 2015

    I did the Easter Seals “Walk With Me” that took place in Kennywood on May 17, 2015.

  • Pitt Football Fundraiser

    This past Saturday October 10 I was a volunteer in the Burgatory concession stands at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh during the Pitt-Virginia football game (Hail to Pitt!) to raise funds to benefit the Musical programs at Shaler Area High School, where my daughter is an active member of the Choral programs.  These funds will be used […]

  • Feeding the Hungry and Reducing Food Waste with @412FoodRescue

    Facing the competing challenges of 40% of food being wasted, yet 1 in 6 Pittsburghers go hungry, 412 Food Rescue is a rapid response organization that utilizes technology to aggregate and match food donors and beneficiaries, and mobilizes a community of volunteers to transport the food from those with extra to those in need.

    When 412 Food Rescue locates a donation, it sends messages to its volunteer network, and volunteers step up to the plate to make the magic happen.  On Thursday, September 24, 412 Food Rescue announced that it needed a volunteer to collect 7 cases of fresh, sliced oranges from the Pittsburgh Public Schools service center to Jubilee Kitchen, a soup kitchen in the Uptown neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh.

    Pittsburgh office Senior Attorney Elizabeth Collura jumped into action and made the delivery.  Her  5 year old daughter, Rachel, was with her that day, and the experience also provided a wonderful opportunity for them to discuss the concern of food waste, the need for all people to have access to fresh and healthy food, and the importance of helping out and sharing with our friends and neighbors.  As they delivered the oranges to Jubilee Kitchen, Rachel was excited to show the clients her Spiderman doll and to exclaim “Enjoy the fresh oranges!!” Elizabeth remains mobilized and ready to help 412 Food Rescue with future deliveries!

  • Finished Products. . .

    Here are some of the latest satchels completed.  To help speed up the process, I continue to work on QC’ing (Quality Controlling) the kits so they are ready for sewing.

  • A Journaling We Will Go. . .

    Another nice picture of the journals.  They look so professionally made.  The detailing on the journals is amazing.  Our volunteers make them.

  • Pen to Paper. . .

    As promised, I finally got pictures of the journals some of the volunteers help to make.  It’s awesome the patients get to chronicle their journey with these amazing journals.   One of the things I really love about this organization is that nothing is ever wasted.  No matter if someone cut the wrong size trim or […]

  • Doin’ the Twist for a Cause. . .

    While most people were probably out enjoying their last summer holiday, I spent my 3-day weekend twisting yarn creating Beanie Hats for cancer patients.  I crocheted about 18 so far, and I hope to have over 75 by December to give to Satchels of Caring to hand out to women along with their satchels.  I […]