Chicago Public High Schools Debate Tournament Judge

This morning, I was honored to be part of a distinguished five-judge “celebrity panel” for the final round of the Citi Financial Literacy Debate Tournament at Legal Prep High School, a public debate tournament conducted annually by Chicago Public High Schools and sponsored by CitiBank.

Twenty of the city’s most accomplished high school debaters are selected each year to engage in six weeks of training and research, culminating in evidence-based discussions on important issues of personal finance. This year’s topic was “ Resolved: Retirement saving should be mandatory.”  In front of an audience of nearly one hundred high school students as well as guest judges from CitiBank, law-firms, and the non-profit world, the “negative team,” comprised of two juniors from Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School (pictured in the attached) won the debate over the “affirmative team,” made up of two seniors from Amundsen High School, and was award a $3,000 scholarship from CitiBank.

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