The Inspiration


Co-founder Joseph Clark

The spirit of 1890 is the driving force behind Thrive125. 1890 was the year Clark Hill was born. It symbolizes the strength and perseverance of our founding entrepreneurs Joseph Clark and Sherwin Hill. 1890 was a time of great change in our nation. Both Clark and Hill were at the center of the historical beginnings of the transportation, automotive, maritime, rail, aviation and trucking industries and they established the firm’s roots that allow us to thrive today. In 1996 Joseph Clark’s firm and Sherwin Hill’s firm made history with the largest merger in Michigan that year. The firm’s next largest merger was in 2013 with Thorp Reed & Armstrong which also had a historic background in the Pennsylvania market and made Clark Hill into a truly national firm.

The firm’s commitment to community and working together set a foundation for Clark Hill to handle all the challenges the 20th century bestowed: the stock market crash, two World Wars, the introduction of immigration laws, race riots, unions, the onset of the information age and the explosion of technology.

With Thrive125 we can continue building upon this foundation and help others navigate the 21st century to progress and reach for success.